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Circle Theatre
Circle Theatre's mission is the advocacy of contemporary plays rarely seen in our community. We are committed to presenting professional, innovative theatre in an intimate setting.


October 16 - November 22, 2014

Season Event

Once upon a time, two visionaries in Los Angeles had a brilliant idea. The books and movies based on The Lord of the Rings were so popular...why not have a bit of fun and write a musical parody of The Fellowship Of The Ring? They shared their idea with a composer and a multi-talented cast of actors who then banded together with them to create a cult theater classic, Fellowship! Their merry little musical won numerous big awards and critics’ picks and played to sold-out houses in Los Angeles and New York. Circle is proud to bring its own production of Fellowship! to the "land of cowboys and culture" for its southwest premiere.


Director and Cast

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Audrey Wasilewski

Production Consultant

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Kristin Spires

Music Director

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Lana K. Hoover

Assistant Director

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Michael McMillan

Merry/El Rond

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Kelsey Milbourn


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Randy Pearlman


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Ben Phillips