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Circle Theatre announces auditions for...

This Random World

By Steven Dietz

Directed by Steven Pounders

First Rehearsal: January 1, 2018

Performance Dates: January 25 - February 24, 2018


AUDITION APPOINTMENT TIMES: Sunday, September 10th - Beginning at 1pm

CALLBACKS: Monday, September 11th - Beginning at 6pm


ABOUT THE PLAY: Steven Dietz’s heartwarming comedy, This Random World, kicks off Circle Theatre’s 2018 season. Fate or luck? Call it what you will, but how often do we intersect with someone else’s world and not know it? Does serendipity bring us together or is that only a myth? Each character’s journey overlaps one another, be it an ailing woman who plans one final trip, a daughter planning one great escape or a son falling prey to a prank gone wrong. This funny and intimate play explores the lives that may be happening just out of reach of our own.


Scottie Ward – (70s) Tim and Beth’s mother. A secret world traveller. Her full name is Elizabeth McHenry Ward.

Tim Ward – (29) Scottie’s son. Beth’s brother. Mom’s favorite, according to Beth. Single. Has yet to find his career or calling in life.

Beth Ward – (38) Scottie’s daughter. Tim’s sister. Single. Lives a very ordered life, most of the time.

Bernadette – (30s) Scottie’s aide and travel companion. Rhonda’s older sister. Mom’s favorite, according to Rhonda. Some call her Bernie.

Rhonda – (late 20s) Bernadette’s younger sister. Works for a funeral home. Believes in ghosts.

Claire – (30s) Tim’s ex-girlfriend. More recently, Gary’s ex-girlfriend. Believes in ghosts.

Gary – (30s) Claire’s ex-boyfriend. Just broke up with Claire, and just left a sales rep job for a cell phone manufacturer. 

A Man – This role has been precast. 

Equity and Non-Equity roles are available.

Circle Theatre is a member of the Equity Membership Candidacy program.

Housing and transportation are not provided for out of town hires.

AUDITION MATERIALS: Auditions will consist of monologues from the show (link found in confirmation email). Email your headshot/resume to, and also bring a physical copy of each. Audition videos can be submitted to no later than Friday, September 1st. 

Perusal copies are available at Circle Theatre and at S.T.A.G.E. (for members only).


Auditions will be held at:

Circle Theatre

230 W. 4th St.

Fort Worth, TX 76102


Click here for a map of the audition location. 


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If we are full, or your preferred time slot is not available, email with your headshot/resume, the time slot you wish to attend, and the role you wish to audition for. You will be placed on a waitlist and sent the audition materials. Kyle Montgomery will contact you when your preferred time slot opens.


You may also call Circle Theatre's office to schedule your appointment.

Office Hours: 12pm - 5pm, Tuesday-Friday - 817.877.3040


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